Lawn Maintenance

There's nothing more beautiful in the springtime than a lawn that has been cared for and looking lovely even at the first burst of spring. Perfect lawn maintenance can be performed by hiring a professional, or it can be done the tried and true way; do it yourself.

There is a lot more to lawn maintenance than simply pulling out the old lawn mower and cutting the grass every week. That's all well and good, but how does the lawn really look? Sure, the grass is shorter and is trimmed along the walkways. However, that's not really enough if you want to have a beautiful lawn that even the neighbors will comment about it as they walk past. Maintaining the lawn can be a year-round project.

Lawn Maintenance

To get started on that amazing lawn, you need to begin in March and April. This is when you bring out that rake to rake up the old autumn leaves and any debris left in the yard. Get that lawn mower ready because you will soon be needing it. In May you can apply broadleaf herbicide to your lawn.

When summer arrives, and it comes sooner than you think, be sure and water correctly. Don't ever let your lawn get too dry. It should be soaked at least 7 inches deep. If you have sandy soil, take at least 30 minutes to water. Clay soil can take much longer; up to 2 hours.

In the autumn you should use your mower to mulch the leaves. The soil needs to be aerated so that air can get way down to the roots. This is also the best time to use pre-emergent herbicide to stop the growth of chickweed or annual bluegrass. The winter is the time to keep maintaining that mower. Change the filter and drain the gasoline and oil.

There can be bald or brown spots on the lawn that need to be fixed. If it is a small spot or patch, you can use a rake or shovel to remove the dead grass. Poke holes into the grown grass or scrape it instead. Scatter the seed lightly and then water.

For a large spot or patch, use a shovel to loosen the edges. The dead grass should be dug up and you can use a sod cutter to help do this job. Till the soil. Rake leftover debris. Lay down sod, roll out the bumps and keep it watered. It needs to start a good root system.

Now you can enjoy your beautiful lawn and know what to do during each season of the year.

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