Lock change

A Lock change is one of the most inexpensive ways you can secure your new home or business.

Often when people move into a new home or building, they overlook the most obvious security weakness. Deadbolt locks, and new construction, are not always a dependable form of security. Often the most obvious problem is overlooked.

Many keys are passed out to sub-contractors in the final stages of construction. Cleaning crews may also be given a key for last minute touch ups. The honesty of these workers is not being questioned. It is how they return the key that causes the problem.

Often workers will hide a key on site when they have finished their assigned task. Places like over a door or in the bushes are common hiding places. Even under the doormat is not uncommon.

Professional thieves know these hiding places and check them on a regular basis. When they are ready to strike, they have a key to the building.

Your best defense against this kind of intrusion is to change the locks as soon as you take possession of the premises. Many people try to save a few dollars by doing the lock change themselves, but the money saved is not worth the trouble.

A professional locksmith can be scheduled to change the locks as soon as the paperwork is finished. They can be in and out faster than you could figure out what items to purchase, and the tools needed for their installation.

You will be furnished with the necessary amount of keys and have the assurance your new locks have been professionally installed.

A lock change should be the first improvement to your new home or office.

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