Lock Replacement

There are many reasons to call a locksmith for lock replacement on your home or business premises. Personal security, especially if you are taking over the property from another owner or tenant, is the best reason to dial a locksmith as soon as the lease or ownership documents are completed. When changing the locks on a business property you are leasing, you should always consult with the landlord first.

If you have just purchased a home, either new or existing, you would want to call a locksmith to change the locks for the property prior to moving in with your own possessions. The previous owner may not have turned over all the existing keys to the real estate agent. If you are purchasing a new home, with no previous owner, you should still be concerned with the number of keys that may have been issued by the general contractor for the project.

Regardless of your trust level with others, you should always make the locksmith your first call when taking over a property from a previous owner. Even if you just built a new home of your own, with no previous tenant, you should plan to budget the expense of changing all the locks on premises. Safety and security for your family, along with your property and possessions, should always be first priority.

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