Quartz Countertops - The Prefect Design Engineered For Kitchen

The Quartz Countertops might be the perfect answer for the people who love the appearance of the granite however are concerned about by a few of this stones deficit.

The granite is a common and widely occurring kind of felsic, intrusive, igneous rock generally absorb water or liquids, it could take up the stains of the cooking oil and grease and could be imprinted by acids, which are found in such ordinary household things like hairspray. Quartz Countertops- the perfect design tops are not affected by any these problems or hazards.

The granite stone is also very volatile in its patterns and colors between the slabs, which makes matching of portions of the countertops somewhat different and difficult sometimes.

The Quartz Countertops are even in terms of color, pattern and texture. One of the great features of the quartz kitchen countertops are that they offer nearly all the positive features of the natural stone such as durability and rich appearance, however they are free from many disadvantages or hazards.

The manufacturing process of the Quartz Countertops involves use of the raw quartz crystals. The raw quartz crystals are one of the hardest substances on the earth. After selecting the right crystals, they are ground and then combined with the resin, which is a bond agent and color. This mixture is heated in a furnace and vibro-compacted in order to make a tightly packed surface. The Quartz Countertops should at least consist of 93 percent of quartz crystals or there will be no durability and anytime the countertops could get broken.

After this process, the final product will be non-porous Quartz Countertops, which will have great durability i.e. two times stronger than the granite stone. In order Quartz Countertops- the perfect design, it is cut into different designs by most advanced techniques and they it is polished in order to give a shinny look.

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