Security Gates

Keeping a home or business safe and secure will benefit from the professional installation of a security gate. Available in many different styles, from folding to sliding, manual to automatic, and pedestrian to entrance way, the security gate prevents unwanted visitors and criminals from gaining access to a property.

A folding security gate, used on a retail storefront, is the most commonly seen gate. Easy to fold and open, this gate is also used in businesses to prevent access to certain areas, such as in warehouses. Since many thieves look for a target that is easily accessible, these gates serve as a visual deterrent to break-ins.

Sliding security gates may be used in the drive approach to a business or residence and can be manual or automatic. Available in a variety of metal finishes, these gates can also blend in with the surrounding decor. A sliding gate should be installed by a professional technician for maximum security. Wooden gates can also be used for security at a property and will be an aesthetic addition to a residence, as well as a safety and privacy measure. These gates often are utilised in protecting the approach to a large residence or estate.

Steel gates can also be used at the entrance to a residence and can have a custom made look, from modern to traditional. Automated gates are able to swing or slide open.

The installation of a security gate will depend on the residence or business property and its requirements.

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