Security Grilles

Offering safety and and security, the use of security grilles at a retail business, airport or construction area is a means of preventing access where restricted. Visual access, air, light and circulation are all made possible with these security grilles. Important where a shop may want potential customers to see the entrance and display, especially in a interior environment such as an airport, interior grilles offer security and viewing.

Rolling, sliding, motorized, push up and crank operation are all options on security grilles. Strong and lightweight, grilles protect against vandals and theft. They can be used at a bank, mall, pharmacy counter, or storefront to provide protection and guard against trespassers or theft. A security grille should be installed by a professional, as to maintain the highest security standards.

Some of the options include upward coiling security grilles, side folding with open air, and full enclosure side folding security grilles. Perforated steel makes all these grilles strong and a barrier against debris, as well as theft. Because the business is still visible, the security grille is a solution that is ideal for insuring safety and promoting a business at the same time. Another option for a grille is a glazed panel model, offering protection from smoke and odors as well as security and visual access. Theft of small articles through the grille is prevented with this type of security.

A variety of metal finishes are available, and a security grille is a smart option for safety, as well as aesthetics.

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